17 Lake Tarleton Road, Warren, New Hampshire

(603) 764-6069

Special hours - Opening today, Monday 2/17/20 at 12:00

Special hours - Opening today, Monday 2/17/20 at 12:00

Special hours - Opening today, Monday 2/17/20 at 12:00Special hours - Opening today, Monday 2/17/20 at 12:00

About Us

Let us introduce ourselves,

We are Roger and Denise Puglisi . We are family owned and will be family run with our son Kyle as well as local help.   

Our concept is to create a premier home style restaurant. THE Mill will fill the need for a unique and relaxing experience. We will provide a warm and friendly, informal atmosphere, creating a comfortable environment to make our customers feel satisfied and want to return again and again.

At THE MILL our mission is to provide quality meals at reasonable prices, making us a valuable asset to the community.   

THE MILL’S main menu items will be our homemade creations. We will create meals and desserts using the local and seasonal items available, these dishes will be presented year-round. In addition to our homemade items we will serve a full menu with a number of dishes such as soups, salads, unique appetizers and hand chosen main dishes. We will also offer a few local breweries draft beer selections.  

The ORE MILL bar & grille logo was designed to capture an image we seek to project. We wanted to include the history of the location in our name and logo. As many of you know the history, it  includes a Sawmill dating back to the 1800’s and the Ore brook which runs through the property.

Take a look at what we've been doing!


History of Ore Mill

Where it all started...